The Best Church Planning Strategies

Many churches have realized the importance of Church Planning. The leaders of the church are needed to take people on the correct path. They may do this with the support of church planning.

Strategic church planning assists the churches to comprehend the purpose of their presence. Additionally, it suggests what strategies a church ought to use to create a remarkable influence in its own immediate communities.

SeveralĀ churches in Long Island have made use of strategic planning to draw an increasing number of devotees to their church. And I must say that they were effective in their attempts.


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A church strategic plan is a bit different from the annual plan or multi-year proposal program. A church strategic plan sets the overall priorities and direction of the church which will be receptive to changes in its environment.

Events are an important part of a church planning. Churches used to organize unique events from time to time to collect an audience and collect more donations.

There are 3 major steps involved in church planning process, viz. Pre-planning, real planning and post preparation. The first phase is pre-planning and it entails provisions that are essential to the achievement of the actual planning period.

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The pre-planning phase adopts collecting relevant information which will be useful in the actual planning period. This includes the calculation and estimation of the functioning of the church in the last couple of years and the analysis of the external surroundings of the church.

The actual preparation phase begins with specifying or reconsidering the core values, mission, vision and goals statements of a church. Following that, a valuation of the external and internal environment is done in order to decide on the strategies which could be implemented to achieve the vision, mission, and goals.

Post-church strategic planning includes the demonstration of this strategic plan to the members of their church. Following the plan gets approval from the church members, a set of meetings will be organized to discuss the working plans and budgets according to the church department.