Best Drain Cleaning Methods For Your Blocked Sink

Having a sink that works well is one of the important things. Sometimes oil, hair and other rubbish accumulate in your pipe so that your sink dries slowly or blocked completely. What did you do when that happened?

You can call a professional plumber to get rid of blocked drains in Derby or try some of these sewer cleaning solutions.

Roasting Soda and Vinegar

Believe it or not, this old science trick is very useful. Chemical reactions between the two components can help to eliminate anything that blocks your drain. Although it may not be too strong, it will work for small clogs and also of low-cost.

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Chemical Cleaners

Cleaners can be solid or liquid. They may also contain bleach or alkalis. These chemicals dissolve substances such as hair or fat that cause buildup. Chemical cleaners can be found almost anywhere where cleaning supplies are sold and are relatively easy to use. However, they can be very dangerous, so use them carefully.

They can damage your clothes or the area around your sink. They can also cause damage to your eyes, skin and respiratory system. Be sure to follow all instructions on the label, and wear gloves or other protective equipment.


There are various tools on the market that can help you. The plumber snake is a circular or spring cable that rotates in a pipe to remove anything that is stuck. Also, the hydro jet cleaner can also be used.