Choose Only Evolis Badge Printer For Your Event – Why?

Picking the right kind of badge printer for your company or for your company sponsored event can be full of hassles.

End numbers of choices are obtainable in the market which in actual can make it a little overwhelming for you. Look no further because this article is written just for you!

It is pretty obvious and mandatory to check the options available before deciding on any badge card printer randomly.

It’s significant to first conclude what sort of qualities will be required in your card printer for managing your event.

evolis card printer

Discuss with your security and event management team, “What kind of name badges would go well with the event?”

• Do you want durable PVC cards?
• Or paper name badges?
• What is better – Print postcard-sized cards?
• Or smaller ID sized cards?

In the article below, a few factors are mentioned for your consideration that will expectantly help you answer these questions mentioned above:

A) Plastic (PVC) Cards or Paper Cards

• Nature of your event: Printing PVC cards will produce sturdier name badges that event attendees can recall as a souvenir even after the event ends.

1. This can be appropriate for prominent events, like concerts, seminars, conferences or trade shows, where PVC cards also add to the enthusiasm of the event.

2. In fact, they are perfect for corporate events like business conferences or shareholder meetings, PVC cards offer more professional appearance.

3. Here is a small suggestion, opt for Evolis card printer as this printer offers durability, innovation, versatility, international expertise and yes eco-responsibility.

B) Larger-sized Name Tags vs. Smaller-sized Name Tags

• Visibility: For bigger events, printing on larger-sized cards can aid security details as the card permits for stress-free identification from a far distance.

Evolis ID card prinetr

1. For event organizers, it becomes easier to identify the attendees in case they need to be separated into groups.

2. Secondly, you can easily market your event or brand name.

3. The bigger your company logo will be or event details are visible, the better it would be.

4. You can online read reviews of best printers available online.

• Cost-effectiveness: Smaller-sized cards can be the more reasonable choice for planning nominal-budget events. So go for Evolis card printers that are perfect for such events.