Choose The Perfect Ice Cream Maker

The toughest thing when purchasing an ice cream machine is to choose the right one. Here are a few of the most frequent machines. To assist you make the right decision, the units come with their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric machines that use rock salt and ice

These units make it easy for you to make ice treats the old fashioned way. The fantastic side with them is they help you make large quantities of ice within a short time.


While the soft serve ice cream maker helps you prepare large quantities of ice treats within a short time, their main flaw is that you need to layer rock salt and ice before and during churning. Churning is usually an extremely messy and labor-intensive procedure.

Electric machines with freezer bowl

Most of the ice making machines fall into this class. The good side with them is that they are simple to operate. This is because all you need to do is to place and wait for them to perform their work. To guarantee that the ice cream is totally churned, you want to check every 30 minutes.

While the units are simple to operate, you need to pre-freeze the canister so as to make it ready for the ice making process. Based upon the model of the machine that you are using, the pre-freezing procedure can take a few hours to an entire day.

Twin twist countertop commercial soft serve machine

Compressor machines

These units operate the same as a refrigerator and because of this they create ice-cold treats within a very short time. Some of the units are automatic and turn off automatically when dessert is done. The machines also make it effortless for you to prepare several flavors of ice cream in batches.

The main flaw with the machines is that they are expensive. In addition to this they are heavy and bulky; therefore, you need to have plenty of room to put them.

Novelty ice cream machines

These units come in different models. By way of example, there are those which are battery operated and you can use them in your garden or anywhere else. There are others which are electricity powered and very powerful in their own working.