How To Choose A Printer for Your Business

If you are relying on the computer system for your business operations then it is possible that you will need a printer. Every business has a need to print whether it’s formal mail, white papers, proposals or contracts; a printer is necessary. There are many printing technologies in the market geared towards different needs and choosing the right one can be a difficult task.

If you have a small business, your printing needs are unlikely to be quite as intensive as a big company and the printing tasks will be taken one at a time with only one or two computers requiring to access a printer.

In this situation, the ideal printer will be multifunctional all-in-one offering. These are widely available, cost-friendly and space saving, packing in all the basic features like printing, photocopy, fax, scanning, copying in both laser and inkjet printers.

When you are going to choose a printer for your business, the specifications are going to be an important factor and you will need to consider the following:

Resolution – This refers to the number of dots per inch (dpi) that will be printed and have values for the horizontal and vertical. Around the 600 dpi is satisfactory for maximum, but if you routinely print graphics, 1200 dpi may be a good solution.

Speed – The pages per minute will be very important if you print in large volume. You will rarely get the speeds listed printer by the manufacturer, so it is best to go for a high number.

Connectivity – USB printing will come as standard, however, you will also need to consider the ethernet connectivity for network printing and cloud printing that rules out the need for a mobile printer.

Printer inkThis is one of the most expensive parts of running the printer. Every printer will come with cartridges, but regardless of the size of your business, you need to consider investing a more cost-friendly continuous ink supply system. This kind of system will allow you high-volume printing to be done on a budget.