How To Determine The Quality Of Cannabis Seeds?

While growing a cannabis plant the prime nutrients, adequate watering, and good light quality all these contribute to the final yield obtained but undoubtedly one of the most important basic factor to achieve healthy cannabis plants is starting with high-quality seeds.

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There are many stores where you can buy marijuana seeds online for medicinal purpose as marijuana has many medicinal benefits. In order to pick healthy marijuana seeds, it is important to look for any indications of immaturity. The marijuana seeds are basically divided into 2 categories – Indica and Sativa.

Indicas tend to be shorter, stockier plants which have smaller, denser and much smellier buds. Indicas also flower much earlier than Sativas, usually with a 6-9 week flowering period. Sativa strains will grow much bigger and the buds will be less compact.

To have the best clones in LA it is vital to keep in mind some tips while choosing cannabis seeds. One of the best way to determine the worth and traits of a cannabis seed is to check how they look. Some of the details are utterly apparent, while others take some time to spot.

Healthier and genetically better-quality seeds will exhibit darker colors on the outer shell. The shades of grey and black are signs of a good seed, sometimes displaying a tiger stripe aesthetic.

Healthy seeds will also look as they have a coating of wax of their shell. This is noticeable when you expose them to a bright light and you will witness a gleam outcome.

Better-quality seeds will feel rigid to the touch and will not bend or break under the applied pressure, which is why it’s more than likely worth planting. You should choose feminized seeds as compared to regular seeds.

Whereas, poor-quality seeds will crack and crumble under pressure. Also, immature and young seeds will be green and white in appearance. It is unlikely that these seeds will germinate, and if they manage to, it will take longer time.

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