Different Ways To Wear a Hijab

There are number of ways to wear a Hijab. In recent times, many advancements have taken place in Dubai clothing styles. Here’s a brief guide on the various Hijab wearing methods.  

First method

In this style, a pashmina scarf is used with one side shorter than the opposite side of the head. Then, with a safety pin, the two sides are folded back behind the neck and attached together.

However, make sure that hijab should fall evenly on your shoulders. Also, there should be no creases on the front side of the scarf.

Second method

It is similar to wearing the hijab as the first style. However, the only difference is that, the finish is neater in comparison to previous method. In this style, the front portion is pinned over the back of the person’s head than the front as in the first style.

Third method

This is the most popular and modern hijab fashion style. Nowadays there is a wide variety of oblong hijabs available at online stores. In this method, you need to put the Pashmina shawl covering the head with one side longer than another.

Then, fold the shawl behind the head and pin the two sides at the nape of your neck. As mentioned earlier, make sure the hijab front is neat with no creases.

You can even pin the hijab from the back of the head for an elegant and stylish appearance. Click here to read step by step guide on wearing hijabs in different ways.

Mona Hijab

This is a unique type of hijab, that you can only find at online stores. Also, the best place to buy these type of hijabs would be Dubai online shops which offer complete Islamic clothing.  

This is a single-piece hijab containing underscarf with a stretch element and a scarf attached to it. Once you fix the underscarf on the head, the other end will fall easily and naturally around the head.