How To Pick A Wedding Videographer?

What makes a great wedding videographer?

To keep things simple we are going to break it down into these chapters:

  • Reliability/ Reputation
  • Personality
  • Style
  • Post Production

Personality is part of the job for wedding videographer in Surrey, they should make you laugh and make you feel completely at ease throughout the day. They should have an open and exciting attitude to your wedding and encourage you to have creative input on your wedding film.

If they make you feel tense when they talk about their work, don't book them. It's an exciting time for wedding films, we as filmmakers have the ability to all sorts of gadgets to enhance our wedding films.

Each videographer has slightly different styles but we are going to break down what some of the best are doing. A lot of the best videographers are filming with direct knowledge of how they intend to use that footage in the edit suite.

The camera has been manipulated in a way, that your footage has been in post-production, your film should emulate the look of a cinema-grade camera.

Common themes in wedding cinematic films:

  • Colour correction
  • Widescreen bars
  • Slow motion footage
  • Colour Grading

What's the full package?

Let's look at what makes a great wedding film package. The most popular wedding videography packages include two films. A highlight film between 1-5 minutes alongside and feature-length film that incorporates both your ceremony and speeches.