Sake – Not Just A Drink But It Is A Tradition

Sake is prepared from different varieties of rice to offer varied flavors, due to which it is quite popular among Japanese people and gradually, people from other countries started developing taste for this amazing beverage.

In certain parts of the world, Sake is considered as a wine, but it is a beverage which is quite liked with fish and sushi. Sushi and Sake combination is a delight on the palate, as narrated by various food bloggers.

In this article we will tell you how this amazing beverage is prepared and where you can find this drink to buy, since not many people are aware of it. Right information will help you and them in getting the best Sake on their table.

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You need to believe that preparation for SAKE is not a one day process. Lots of steps are associated with Sake Production Process.

We have already mentioned above that SAKE is prepared from rice. But it is made by fermenting rice, just the way grapes are fermented to prepare wine.

The rice used to make SAKE in Japan is known as “SAKA MAI” or Sake Rice. In fact various types of rice are used to make SAKE that deliver different flavors. Many people look for Japanese Sake store that sells limited edition Sake at favorable price.

Before fermenting the rice, one step is very essential and that is polishing.

japanese sake

Polishing process:

• Polishing of the rice is the very first step in Sake preparation.

• Rice is either polished or milled to eradicate the outer layer of each grain, revealing its starchy core.

• To produce the best sake, rice needs to be polished up to 50-70%.

• You can get to know more about SAKE production from various useful resources, online.

Before Ending with the article, would like to tell you about out of so many flavors of sake, DASSAI is quite liked by Japanese people.