All You Need To Know About Disposable Contact Lenses

People have to take care of their contact lenses well. Cleaning contact lenses and storing them in solution must be a daily ritual to stay clean and soft and not let them dry. Also, this will ensure that the lens is dust free and will not cause irritation or itching in the eyes.

An alternative to this is to use a disposable one. Contact lenses that can be removed once a week, or a month, or six months or a year are the most popular and affordable types of disposable contact lenses. . You can order disposable lenses online or you can also get them from your nearby store.

Disposable contacts should not be used after the expiration date as this can cause vision or eye complications. They are also comfortable to use and most doctors tend to prescribe these for patients. Most popular among disposable varieties are those that can be replaced once every week or two weeks.

Also available are disposable contact lenses which can be discarded once a month or quarter, they are known as frequent replacement lenses. Contact lenses that can be used for at least six months to a year are reusable lenses. This is a traditional lens and is not considered a disposable contact lens.

Disposable lenses are available for daily use as well as for special uses such as for corneal correction at night. Disposable varieties for this specific purpose are also available on the market today.

It is a good practice to dispose of lenses that are used regularly or as prescribed by the doctor. This is because deposits that form in the eye can stick to contact lenses gradually making it less safe as time goes by.