Information Related To Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder which is also known as the hydraulic motor is a mechanical device that is used in engineering vehicles. In a hydraulic cylinder, pressurized hydraulic fluid is used in order to form linear force or motion. There are many occasions in which it is used as a power transfer. You can easily get information related to hydraulics supplies online.

While choosing hydraulic cylinders make sure that you check its configuration, operating specifications, the material of construction used and other specifications.

hyraulic cylinder

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If you want to understand the operation of hydraulic cylinders, it is important to know what transpires in the process. For the proper functioning of the hydraulic cylinder, the presence of the entire component is essential.

The main part of the hydraulic cylinder is:

  •   Cylinder barrel
  •    Piston
  •    Piston rod

Operation of hydraulic cylinder:

In the hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder barrel is the area in which the piston moves back and forth. When a force is applied to the cylinder head, piston rod comes out from the cylinder. The piston is configured of seals and sliding rings. It divides the cylinder into two parts that is rod end and the cap end.

The linear motion is achieved in a hydraulic cylinder through hydraulic pressure. The piston rod is used to attach the product to another object.

In the generator side of industrial hydraulic cylinders, you will find the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump is responsible for bringing the right amount of oil in the bottom part of the cylinder.


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The oil helps in the upward movement of the piston rod. In this process, the oil return back to the original basin or tank. The other hydraulic cylinder parts include the seals, cushions and cylinder bottom connections.

Designs for hydraulic cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder is usually available in two different styles. You can even check here more about the hydraulic cylinder.

Tie Rod Cylinder

These kind of hydraulic cylinders are quite popular in factories. The popular designs which it includes are:

  •    Small bore cylinders with 4 tie rods
  •    Large bore cylinders with 16 tie rods

Welded Body Cylinder

The other popular hydraulic cylinder design is welded body cylinder. They are mainly used in construction equipment such as bulldozers, road graders.