An Overview On Pigeon Trapping Services

Generally, when we talk about animal trapping services it is assumed to be referred to just animals and not birds. But it is important to know that not only animals even birds like pigeon can also be a problem just like a pest.

pigeon trapping

Most of the homeowners go looking for pigeon traps mostly after their pigeon problem refuses to go away with repellent interventions. For trapping, you may choose to go with either of the following kind of traps:

  • Lethal traps – These traps kill the pigeon as soon as it enters into the cage by means of a snapping or constricting mechanism. Lethal traps get rid of any pigeon captured permanently, but the intelligence of the bird is their shortcoming. When one pigeon is caught and killed, the other members of the flock will alert each other to the danger posed by the trap and none will go near it again.
  • Live pigeon traps  – The most common design of the live pigeon trap is the one-door trap. As the name suggests, it has only one door through which the pigeons enter and it is built to accommodate many birds at once. When setting this trap, know that once one pigeon enters, the others will follow.

credit source – spanieljournal

Usually, people don’t understand that this approach is not so effective and works temporarily so it is better to hire the professional pigeon trapping service firm who will help you in getting rid of the pigeons completely with security so you won’t be getting hurt by this method.

Hiring a professional is important because, in addition to physical damage, the bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites found in pigeon droppings can create a serious health risk. Read this informative post to get to know about all the health risks involved in a pigeon infestation and the control techniques. Because they multiply rapidly and their droppings and nests attract more pigeons.