Choosing the Right Tennis Ball

Every game has different gears and choosing the best one could be bit difficult. Many people around the world are not aware of gears of few games. One of such game is Tennis. According to many people, there are only different kind of Tennis rackets, but they are not aware of different kinds of Tennis balls.

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If you are among those people, then this article would enhance your knowledge about the Tennis balls. These balls look somehow similar but the only difference is that the Tennis ball pressure varies and you need to choose one according to your playing area.

If we generally categorise these balls then we come up with pressureless and pressurized balls. These are two different kinds of balls and here are few of these differences that you should know before you start with them.

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The pressureless tennis balls are those which have the solid core. These are heavy balls and hence you need to hit hard with your racket. While playing with these balls, your whole body has to exert more pressure and hit the ball.

This could sound great as it is better for the whole body and increase your push away force, but if these balls are played carelessly then these can also lead to serious injuries. Eventually, when you start off with these balls, they don’t bounce well. But with the time when its top covering worn outs and the rubber part is hit the ball becomes softer.

This will make ball bounce well and hence it is the one which is given to the players who are at the beginning of their playing career. On the other hand, pressurized Tennis balls are those which bounce well from starting and lose their bounce with time.

These balls have better bounce, spin response, and speed. These balls are known to lose their bounce in a month or so and hence you need to get them replaced. Most of the time you buy tennis ball, that is the pressurized ball. You can look at this website and know more about tennis gears.