Types Of Tissue Paper

We may define tissue paper as any paper product which is lightweight, soft, highly absorbent, and disposable. The phrase ‘tissue paper’ comes from the French word “tissue”,meaning cloth.

The usage of tissue papers has increased tremendously in the past few years. This is because  our lifestyle is moving more towards the modern side.Further there are number of product packaging companies that are involved in the manufacturing of tissue papers.

Wrapping Tissue Papers

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These days tissue papers have become an integral part of our lives. Now we will be discussing about the various types of tissue papers which are available these days:

  • Toilet Tissue Paper

Toilet Tissue paper is one of the highly purchased tissue papers by the consumers.  This is because the majority of us can’t even think of using a toilet which is lacking toilet paper.

The quality of this tissue paper can be decided by the number of plies, coarseness, durability and fiber quality.Generally speaking,  it is one of the lowest grade of papers.

Further,it may be perfumed, colored, patterned, medicated or treated with aloe or other perfumes. These papers are  not only used for bathroom, they may be used for nose care, removing makeup, wiping up spills etc.

Toilet Tissue Papers

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  • Wrapping Tissue Paper

These days there are a number of custom packaging manufacturers who make use of wrapping tissue papers. Wrapping tissue may be defined as a thin, translucent tissue paper that is mainly used for wrapping up different goods such as glass, ceramic, etc. It may also be used for wrapping up clothes or for gift presentation.

  • Facial Tissue Papers

Facial tissue papers may be defined as the one which are thin, soft, smooth, absorbent and disposable paper which is mainly used for cleaning of face.

They are also known as paper handkerchiefs or wipes. They are generally sold in boxes. One of the most important uses of facial tissue papers is that it helps us to avoid infections or diseases.